How to Make Indian Wedding Flower Decorations

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Indian flowers play an important role in Indian weddings. Different styles, colors and types of flowers are essential in the creation of beautiful Indian flower decorations. Roses, orchids, gerberas and marigolds are only a few of the more popular Indian flowers. Summer weddings look best in light shades of pinks, light blues and citrus colors. For fall weddings use bright and earthy tones.

Decorate the area for the traditional Indian style "asirbad," or blessing ceremony, with lots of flowers--bright red and golden jasmine, roses and orchids. These flowers are used as anchor colors and are thrown all around the ground.

Light the wedding area with Indian lanterns and candles to add ethnic character to the décor. Predominantly earthy colors are used for the Indian wedding decorations. Place white baby roses around the candles and lanterns.

Stage the traditional Hindu wedding in the "mandap"--a four-pole canopy with a stage. The mandap is made of red, yellow and silver flowers and herbs. These flowers are attached to the poles and canopy using small straight pins.

Place netted drapes over the wedding area, above the reception tables. Add silver colors and fresh flowers such as lilies, orchids, carnations and baby roses for decorating the nets.

Decorate the garlands for the bride and groom with a variety of flower colors mixed with colorful ribbons and netted cloths. Use roses the color of the season blended with similar colors of ribbons to create beautiful neck ornaments.