How to Make Homemade Wigs

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People wear wigs for many reasons. Some enjoy the flexibility in hairstyles that wigs offer, others use them because they lack their own hair, and still others choose them purely for fashion. The downside to wigs is that they can be quite expensive. A simple way to cut down on the costs is to make your own wigs. Not only does this lower the financial burden, but it allows you to create a hairstyle of your choice.

Purchase a head display to place your wig on. You can usually find a fairly inexpensive Styrofoam one at a health and beauty store or online. Styrofoam heads come in both male and female forms.

Put a wig cap on your head display. Wig caps can be found in beauty stores and come in different colors, typically black and brown. Choose the color that most closely matches the hair color that you are going to use. A wig cap is not the same as a hair net.

Purchase the hair that you would like to use for your wig. Make sure that this hair is not a hair extension type. If it is, it will be marked as such. You will also want to make sure that the hair pieces have a track, which will make it easier to attach to the wig cap.

Place hair bonding glue on the tracks of your purchased hair. If you are using light hair, white glue would be preferable. For dark hair, use a darker glue. Place your hair pieces on your wig cap as desired. Allow to dry.

Style your wig cap with scissors, curling irons and other styling items as needed. This is also a good time to cut your wig into a style that you desire if you are going to do so. Using a comb, make sure that the glued tracks are separated and still secured on the wig cap after your styling is complete.