How to Make Homemade Natural Shampoo


0:00 hi my name is Lauren and today I'm here

0:02 discuss how to make homemade natural

0:03 shampoo first you're going to start off

0:06 you're going to get actually Castillo

0:08 soap you're going to use four ounces of

0:09 Castillo soap you're also going to use a

0:12 half an ounce of rosemary a half ounce

0:14 of sage and a half ounce of nettles the

0:17 rosemary is going to help stimulate your

0:19 hair follicles so it's going to help

0:21 actually with hair growth and just

0:23 vitality it's going to add a little bit

0:25 more shine and luster the nettle is

0:27 actually going to also promote blood

0:30 circulation which will keep your heck

0:31 your scalp very healthy and continually

0:35 nourish your hair you're going to take

0:37 the three different herbs the metal the

0:40 metal is the rosemary and the sage and

0:42 you're going to boil two cups of water

0:44 mix them into a jar the herb mix the

0:47 herbs into a jar and then boil two cups

0:49 of water

0:50 once the water is boiled you're going to

0:52 take some two tablespoons of the actual

0:55 herbs mixture and you're going to place

0:58 it within the boiling water you're then

1:00 going to let the boiling waters sit for

1:02 about 30 to 45 minutes and let it cool

1:05 after it's cold you're going to then put

1:08 in two ounces or the remainder you're

1:11 going to strain there herbs out of the

1:13 boiling water and then you're going to

1:16 put it in an eight ounce bottle that 8

1:19 ounce bottle is maybe like a shampoo

1:21 bottle make sure it's clean and then if

1:23 it has been used before that you have

1:24 cleaned it out you're then going to add

1:26 the mixture into the shampoo bottle

1:27 after you've added the mixture into the

1:29 shampoo bottle you're going to add that

1:31 4 ounces of castile soap in order to get

1:34 the shampoo to work remember when you

1:37 are making your shampoo that your

1:39 shampoo will not it does not have the

1:42 emulsifiers that regular shampoos do

1:44 that our store board so it will not

1:46 actually wind up having that detergent

1:49 feeling and will not get as sudsy or as

1:52 soapy as store bought materials will so

1:55 once you mix everything up then you have

1:57 your own bottle of freshening natural

1:59 homemade herbal shampoo