How to Make Homemade Hominy

Hominy is a popular dish in the South. It is corn that does not have the germ, is either whole or ground, and typically is boiled. If ground small enough, it also is known as hominy grits.

Shell and wash the white corn.

Put the cold water in a clean cooler.

Add the corn to the water and soak for several hours.

Transfer to a large cooking pot and add the baking soda.

Bring the corn to a rolling boil on medium heat.

Reduce the heat to the point that the water is barely boiling.

Cook until the corn is tender. This will take a long time -- possibly all day. The corn husk will begin to loosen.

Remove from heat and drain.

Rinse and gently rub the corn, making the husk fall off.

Separate the insides from the husk. The insides are hominy.

Rinse the hominy several times before use.