How to Make Homemade Baby Shower Programs

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A baby shower is a party to celebrate a new life. Often the mother and baby are the honored guests, though sometimes a shower is given before the baby is born. Dads can be included in baby showers, too. For a successful shower, plan the order of events and make programs for all guests. For a special touch, make homemade baby shower programs that will be keepsakes.

Buy card stock paper for the program backing. Pick a color that complements or matches the decorations and other paper products you're using for the shower. While pink is traditionally associated with baby girls and blue with baby boys, you can choose other colors. A patterned or multi-colored paper can also be used.

Name the order of events for the baby shower. Include the traditional welcome by the host and recognition of the baby, parents and grandparents, if present. Other elements of a shower can include prayer, a devotional or inspirational reading, games, advice giving, music, food, opening of gifts, thanks by the baby’s parents and closing remarks. Identify the elements planned for the baby shower and list in the order these will occur on the baby program.

Type the baby program’s text on your computer or write it by hand on each program. Experiment with cursive fonts for a decorative style if typing the text. Use a pen or permanent fine-tip marker if you're writing the text. Create a draft of the program with the heading “Baby Shower” at the top, followed by a listing of the order of events centered and double spaced.

Include the name of the baby and/or parents in the heading if you wish. You can also place an inspirational quote at the bottom of the program. Modify the text size so that it will fit within a 4-inch by 5-inch print area.

Print or write the program text on plain copy paper. Cut the programs to the 4-inch by 5-inch size. Use scalloped scissors for added interest. Cut the card stock paper into 4-1/2-inches by 5-1/2-inch pieces. Center a program on a piece of card stock and secure the program with double-sided tape. Assemble a program for each invited guest.

Embellish the program with stickers, cut-outs, paper punches, buttons or ribbons that fit with the theme of the shower. For example, if the party has a princess theme, decorate the program with crown stickers. Distribute the programs to guests at the shower.