How to Make Hand Muffs

lanych/iStock/Getty Images

A winter accessory that warms the hands and wrists, a hand muff it a tube of fabric the wearer inserts their hands into; it was traditionally made of fur. The first mention of a muff was in 1483, but at that time, it was called a snuffkin. Over the centuries, muffs have come in and out of fashion, and have been made from a variety of fabrics, including furs, velvet, silk and fleece.

Lay the sweater flat on your work surface. Measure and cut a piece out of the sweater that is 16 by 20 inches.

Sandwich the piece of sweater between the two pieces of fleece. The sweater is going to be the outside of your muff, with the fleece on the inside. Match the edges and pin the pieces together along the long edges.

Sew through all three layers, along the pinned edges, on the 5/8 stitching line. Turn right side out.

Match the raw edges forming a tube with the sweater fabric on the inside. Pin through all three layers and sew on the 5/8 stitching line. Turn sweater side out.