How to Make Halloween Treat Bags With Sun Dyed Fabric

by Francesca Stone ; Updated September 05, 2018

The nights are drawing in and there's a slight chill in the air, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is rapidly approaching. While you might be in the throes of practicing your most gruesome zombie makeup or spooking up your space with festive decorations, don't forget one of the best aspects of the most freaky night of the year — the goodies! You'll need something to bag up your treats! Add your own messages to these sun-dyed treat bags for the ultimate spooktacular!

Cut a piece of fabric roughly double the height you'd like your final bags to be. To gauge the size of each bag, I lay my words out first, and then cut the fabric. If you want each bag to be the same size, you can cut the fabric into equally sized strips first.

Using your letter stickers, spell out the words and phrases you want on each of your bags, spacing them evenly across the fabric.


  • Be sure to place the letters above the halfway point to ensure the words appear on the front of the bag, and allow for enough room to sew up each bag at the sides without compromising your chosen phrase.

A little at a time, apply the Inkodye to the fabric using a sponge brush. In sweeping motions, brush it over the letters. Keep adding more dye until you have covered the letters. Don't let the fabric become too saturated. A light layer is fine.

Now, put your fabric outside in a sunny spot. Depending on cloud coverage, the dye will set over 10-30 minutes.

After the dye has set, peel off the letters and wash with detergent in the washing machine.

If you haven't already, cut the fabric into equally sized strips. Then, fold the top edge down on itself about a quarter of an inch and pin into place on both sides. Then, sew the remainder of the fabric together on the other three sides. Don't sew the edges of the top fold. This is where you need to thread your cord later in order to make the drawstring.

Sew along the bottom edge of the top fold on both sides. Press the other top edge out of the way to ensure you don't accidentally sew the bag shut. Once you've done this on both sides, turn the bag inside out.

Thread a cord through the folded edges around the top of a bag (I use a paperclip to help me do this) and tie the two ends together. Now you're ready to fill your bags with all the treats you want. Pull the cord to close them up and keep your goodies safe!

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