How to Make Friends and Influence People

How to Make Friends and Influence People. The art of dealing with other human beings has long been one of the most challenging and enriching processing in a free society. Be it in a business or social setting being liked and respected is an important part of our day-to-day lives. Read on for a few tips to help you win friends and influence people.

Be polite and smile this along with a positive attitude helps people to feel at ease; criticizing and complaining will push people into a defensive position. When in a defensive frame of mind people tend to be less receptive to other's ideas.

Use the person's name when talking to them. People like the sound of their own name and feel more comfortable when you address them by it. By using their name you will appear more personable.

Listen to others when they speak, encourage them to open up about themselves. When allowed to open up and share, people tend to feel closer to the person they have shared with. This will also give insights into the person's personality, wants and needs.

Talk to the person using what you learned while listening to them talk. Make sure the things you say relate to your audience rather than try to make your audience relate to you and your view of the world.

Make other's feel appreciated by saying thank you and sincerely letting them know how much you appreciate their efforts.