How to Make Free End-of-the-Year Invitations

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Whether you are having a traditional New Years Eve party or throwing the event in honor of the close of a fiscal year or season, invitations will be necessary to alert guests of the party details. Creating homemade invitations can help save on party costs as well as allow you the opportunity to customize the invitations entirely. Emailing the invitations will be convenient for your guests, can simplify the RSVP process and save you money on postage.

Open a Microsoft Word document to create the invitation. While an invitation can be created in the body of the email itself, the graphics can sometimes become jumbled when viewing on a different computer screen. Creating the invitation in Word and attaching the document to the email allows you to format and preserve the layout of the invitation.

Choose a font, font size and color in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Write the pertinent party information, along with a headline. For example, start the invitation with "End-of-the-Year Party" written in a large font in a bright color at the top of the page.

Follow with an introductory sentence that relays some party details, such as "Celebrate the past year in style with a cocktail party gathering on the 31st of December."

Include the rest of the party information, such as the time and location of the party, a dress code, if any, and relay what type of refreshments will be served. If the party is BYOB (bring your own booze, or alcohol) communicate that as well. Request a firm and clear date for an RSVP. For example, "Please respond with an email by December 14th if you are able to attend."

Add imagery using clip art or actual photos that relate to the party theme. Click on "Insert" in the top toolbar and select "Picture" from the drop-down menu that opens. Select either "Clip Art" to open a window of Microsoft Clip Art images or "From File" to select a photo file off of your computer.

Choose a clip art image, such as toasting champagne glasses or a graphic of a calendar to appear next to the invitation headline.

Choose a photo of a past End-of-the-Year or New Years party to include in the body of the invitation. Once the picture is selected and on the screen, click on it to select it then drag it to the desired area of the invitation.

Save the file with a party appropriate title, such as "Party Invite." Attach it to an email and send to all on your guest list.