How to Make Fondant Like on "Cake Boss"


0:05 hi I'm Daria Artem chief confectionery

0:09 officer of Lady fortunes calm and I'm

0:11 here to show you how to make fondant

0:13 like on Cake Boss fondant is really a

0:18 delicious and easy to make covering for

0:22 cakes cookies cupcakes anything you can

0:25 imagine you have the option of buying

0:27 pre-made store-bought fondant or making

0:30 it from using this easy recipe right

0:32 from home I always prefer to make it

0:35 from scratch because it's always more

0:37 soft and pliable and easy to work with

0:39 you don't need to microwave it and it's

0:41 just and it's also cheaper it actually

0:44 homemade fondant is about five times

0:47 less expensive than store-bought so

0:49 that's another added bonus so let me go

0:52 ahead and show you how to make your own

0:53 fondant we start with one pound of

0:56 marshmallows so you need to get like a

0:58 16 ounce bag and what we're going to do

1:01 is we're going to put it into a

1:02 microwavable bowl and we're going to go

1:05 ahead and add to that we're going to add

1:08 about three tablespoons of butter now

1:12 you can leave the butter out a lot of

1:13 Baker's leave the butter out I prefer

1:15 the butter in my fondant because it

1:18 gives it more of a butter creamy taste I

1:21 like the butter in there but again you

1:24 can leave the butter out of your fondant

1:25 if you prefer we're also going to go

1:28 ahead and add three tablespoons of water

1:31 and we're going to add three tablespoons

1:35 of corn syrup

1:41 I just use the regular pi fructose corn

1:44 syrup that you can buy in the

1:47 supermarket you most likely have

1:50 something like that in your pantry what

1:54 I do is I usually take some of the

1:55 marshmallows and I put them into that

1:56 cup and I just get everything out of

1:58 there

1:58 get all that good stuff okay

2:01 I'm going to give it a little bit of a

2:03 mix here it's kind of you know get it

2:06 incorporated into the your marshmallows

2:09 this is so easy and what we're going to

2:11 do is we're going to put it into our

2:12 microwave and we're going to go ahead

2:19 and cook it on regular heat for about

2:23 one minute and 20 seconds while that is

2:28 melting

2:29 we've already pre measured here about

2:31 two pounds of confectioner's sugar you

2:35 need to use confectioner's sugar do not

2:37 use fondant sugar or granulated sugar or

2:39 turbinado sugar or any other kind of

2:42 sugar because it won't work so we've got

2:44 this going over here I've also got my

2:45 KitchenAid set up you if you don't have

2:48 a KitchenAid at home you can use a Mahan

2:50 mixer with like a like a hook attachment

2:53 and here we go we've got our delicious

3:04 marshmallows right here and we're just

3:09 going to go ahead and mix them around a

3:11 little bit okay now we're going to go

3:14 ahead and grab our Bowl so we're going

3:16 to go ahead and fit our KitchenAid with

3:22 our hook attachment

3:26 and we're going to go ahead and take our

3:30 marshmallow mixture we're just going to

3:33 spoon it right out and see it comes out

3:34 easily

3:35 that's the addition of the butter to the

3:38 butter really helps make the marshmallow

3:41 just slide out just like that

3:44 now what we're going to do is we're

3:45 going to go ahead and add our sugar and

3:47 I like to add maybe about a half at a

3:50 time just stir it a little bit just to

3:54 try to get it incorporated so you can

3:56 see it's already forming like a dough

3:59 and what we're going to do is you cute

4:03 you couldn't need this out by hand you

4:05 don't necessarily need to use a mixer I

4:08 prefer using the mixer alright so we've

4:17 got this in our mixer we're going to

4:19 lift this up and you're going to start

4:21 it off really slowly you don't want all

4:24 that sugar to just chill um pop out at

4:28 you about the spoon here and I can just

4:31 move this down and we're just going to

4:34 mix it until it forms like a nice dough

4:36 I like to put that mixture onto maybe a

4:39 four I can see all of that uh

4:49 all of that sugar dust okay so we're

4:57 going to go ahead and adjust that now I

4:59 like to put on gloves when I'm working

5:02 with the fondant because the gloves

5:04 latex-free um they're going to go ahead

5:07 and make it less sticky and less of a

5:09 mess to clean up later on we'll have to

5:12 run and wash your sticky hands all right

5:17 now you always want to go ahead and work

5:19 with sugar you put sugar confectioners

5:22 sugar again on your hands on your work

5:27 surface okay I'm going to go ahead and

5:30 take this off of the hook and okay take

5:44 this big glob of delicious fondant and

5:49 we're going to put it right here on our

5:51 work surface I'm going to go ahead and

5:52 just put some more sugar on it and we're

5:59 just going to go ahead and start

6:00 kneading it and oh my goodness this is

6:02 feel fun okay we're going to use a

6:04 scraper to go ahead and scrape off

6:06 anything extra I recommend using a you

6:09 know when you're doing this like a

6:10 wooden surface

6:12 we've got steel countertops in this

6:14 particular area so that's why we're

6:16 using this and there we go we're almost

6:19 done kneading it but this is pretty much

6:21 as pliable as it's going to get oh

6:23 that's just beautiful and there you have

6:25 it those simple easy steps which will

6:27 have you making fondant like on Cake

6:30 Boss

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