How to Make Flavored Coffee Beans

The price of flavored coffee beans at the grocery store or gourmet food store can break the budget of even the most frugal shopper. Luckily, making the flavored coffee beans at home is simple and easy and requires no special skills. You can purchase pre-made flavoring, or you can whip up your own special flavors. Either way, you can have flavored coffee beans for a fraction of the cost of buying them at the store.

Place the roasted coffee beans in a large, shallow bowl. A cake or baking pan can be used, if a bowl isn't available.

Drizzle the flavoring over the beans. This can be store-bought flavoring, or it can simply be an extract of your favorite flavor, such as vanilla.

Use the wooden spoon to turn the beans in the bowl until all the beans are coated with the flavoring.

Store the beans in an airtight container until needed. The container should be made of glass or metal, as plastic will absorb the smell of both the beans and the flavoring.

Keep the flavored beans in the refrigerator to extend the time period that the flavor will remain strong.