How to Make Flavored Coffee

How to Make Flavored Coffee. Some coffee lovers feel that coffee should have no flavor other than coffee flavor. Other coffee drinkers like a variety of flavors in their favorite beverage. There is a wide variety of flavored coffee available on the market. However, many experts recommend that you flavor your coffee yourself because the oils use on flavored beans can stick to your coffee maker and change the taste of future pots of coffee.

Purchase flavored creamer to put into your cup of coffee. These are also sold in wide variety of flavors.

Flavor your coffee while brewing. Mix cinnamon or nutmeg in with your ground coffee beans before brewing. If you like the taste of nuts, grind up some of your favorite nuts with your coffee beans and then brew. Orange or lemon zest added to your coffee grounds makes a nice fruity coffee.

Sir flavor into your coffee if you would rather flavor it by the cup instead of the whole pot. A spoon of your favorite ice cream makes a wonderful flavored coffee. Chocolate syrup or baking cocoa makes a nice chocolate coffee.

Give your coffee a kick along with the flavor by stirring in some liquor. Irish cream and Kahlua are some of the more popular choices, but brandy, rum, cognac and fruity liquors are also good choices for flavoring coffee.

Use confectioners or vanilla sugar instead of regular sugar as sweetener in your coffee for a subtle flavor change. A spoonful of whipped cream or cool whip also offers a little bit of flavor while still letting the taste of the coffee dominate the drink.

Try a peppermint stick or other flavored candy stick as a stirrer for your coffee. The candy dissolves slightly in the cup as you stir, adding flavor.