How to Make Easy Thanksgiving Party Favors

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The next time you host Thanksgiving, give each guest whimsical party favors that they can take home to remember the event. With a little creativity and a few craft materials, you can create a few memorable Thanksgiving party favors that your friends and family members will love.

Delicious Treats

Your guests will enjoy feasting on all of the delicious foods you have prepared for the holiday meal, but after the meal you can send your them home with special treats to enjoy later as well. Create small baskets or goodie bags, made out of linen or burlap, and fill them with sweet treats like miniature pumpkins, candy corn, homemade pumpkin cookies, popcorn balls or chocolate truffles. If you plan on giving your guests these edible treats as party favors, make sure to ask if anyone has food allergies ahead of time.

Festive Candles

Your guests can enjoy the sweet aroma of special scented candles throughout the year to remind them of your Thanksgiving party. Pick out a special scented candle for each guest, and wrap the candles in a festive bow featuring autumnal colors, like gold, orange, yellow, red, brown and purple. Attach small pinecones or acorns to the middle of each bow using hot glue. Avoid touching the hot glue until it cools or it could burn your skin.

Thank You With a Twist

You appreciate it when your friends and family members take the time to come to your Thanksgiving Day celebration, and you can show them how thankful you feel by giving them a thank-you card with a twist. Along with writing a thoughtful message on the inside, include a small gift card that each person can enjoy after the gathering. Customize each gift card by a selecting a location that each guest will enjoy, such as a coffee shop or spa.

Recipes to Cherish

Working so hard in the kitchen feels worth it when you see your loved ones heartily eating and enjoying all of the food. Allow your guests to take the food with them by creating a small recipe book for each person containing the recipes for the food you created. If your family has special recipes passed down through generations, print them onto decorative paper and have them framed so that your family members can display them in their kitchens at home.