How to Make Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is almost here and if you have kids, that also means that spring break is fast approaching. For those long days when you’re stuck inside and need some activities to keep little hands occupied, look no further. Here’s a roundup of some of the best Easter crafts that eHow has to offer. Use them for fun with your kids, as Easter gifts for the grandparents or decor for brunch. Your children will be proud they contributed to the celebrations!

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Turn Your Child into the Cutest Bunny Ever

This simple craft will cost a few bucks and a few minutes, and pay off in endless entertainment for your little ones. All you need are extra-large pipe cleaners, a headband, badge clips and minor pipe cleaner-twisting skills, and you’ll have a “costume” that will keep your kids in character for months. Bonus: all of your kids in these bunny ears will make for a killer Easter photo.

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Deck Your Kids Out in “Good Egg” T-Shirts

The results of this cute project will look adorable on any age. Print the free printable on iron-on paper, iron it on any color T-shirt, and voila! You have a fun casual Easter shirt for your little ones. If you’re into the whole family matching, make a couple adult sizes too. Award for most festive family goes to you and your brood!

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Create a Fun Easter Print with Washi Tape

This easy Easter craft is totally kid friendly, and your child might just surprise you with his love for gorgeously printed washi tape. Supervise for careful straight lines, or let them come up with their own taping style for a surprise outcome. The step involving the razor blade is, of course, for adults only. Frame the result or add some initials and give as a gift.

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Use Pencils for a Unique Stamping Project

This fun project is versatile and appropriate for any age. Make it all one color, a pattern or a rainbow. Use pencils or a different shape, or even thumbprints for a truly personal spin on it. Done on a canvas, it makes for a lovely keepsake to be pulled out year after year.

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Use All of Your Old Crayons for Beautiful Easter Eggs

This craft is a triple hit—it’s kid friendly, looks amazing and gets rid of all your broken old crayons. Your kids will love mixing their colors, dripping the crayon shavings over the eggs and watching them create Easter eggs unlike any they have made before. Though these aren’t edible, they are pretty enough to make an Easter centerpiece and a worthy addition to any egg-decorating traditions.

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Add Some Oomph to Your Easter Photos with Props

Nothing adds to a party like photo props, and you can easily add them to yours with these free printables. Print them on heavy cardstock for durability and then glue them onto bamboo sticks. The children could also add sparkles and ribbons for more personalization. Get ready for some Easter photos you’ll all be laughing at for years to come.

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Find New Ways to Color Easter Eggs

Everyone dyes Easter eggs, but not everyone does using these creative techniques. Tie dye, use natural ingredients from your kitchen, get out the shaving cream or even add scents. Your kids will be talking about them until next Easter!

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Make an Egg Garland

This garland can be as long or as short as you want it to be with the free printable. Get out the watercolors, glitter, crayons or whatever else you have and let the kids go creatively wild on their eggs. This is a simple, but fun, project, and they’ll be so proud to contribute to the holiday decor.

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Make Your Own Easter Basket

Extend the creativity beyond eggs to the basket itself. Older kids will love this weaving craft, and can even take it along to Easter egg hunts at school or church. Best of all, you probably have all of the supplies in your house right now.

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