How to Make Dinner for 100 People

Are you in charge of making dinner for a fundraiser for a non-profit , your church, or your little league. Do you need an idea to raise money, develop community and doesn't take too much time? Do you have a half day or a whole day to devote to your activity.? Just follow these few steps to a simple fundraising activity.

Keep your fund raising simple. No one needs any more candy bars or magazines, but everyone likes to go out to eat and usually they don't mind donating some money in exchange for a dinner out. Our church regularly makes about $300.00 a week with just a little work from about 10 people.

Buy the food. This is the most exhausting part of the process. We usually go to Sam's or Costco depending on what is on sale. If you are a non-profit, you can usually buy the food with no tax.

We buy 15 lbs of hamburger, two six lb cans of Chili or Pinto beans, one six lb can of diced tomatoes and one six lb can of crushed tomatoes, one onion and 1 ½ cub of chili powder. There are any number of ways to make chili, but when one is cooking for a crowd it is better to keep things simple.

Brown the meat. Add the tomatoes, beans and rest of the ingredients and put in a big roasting pan. Simmer for hours. Start serving the meal. Mark it donations only or set a price for the meal. We find anywhere from $3-5 per meal is a going rate.