How to Make Cute Voodoo Dolls

doll image by Ramona smiers from

Cute voodoo dolls, often sold as novelty items in gag gift stores, can be sewn from fabric and decorated with humorous sayings. Customize your voodoo doll to fit any person or relationship. Add additional flair to the cute voodoo doll by using decorative straight pins with large ball heads. Purchase decorative pins at fabric stores. According to Office Playground, cute voodoo dolls won’t really control or cast a spell on a boss, family member, lover, or co-worker, but they are fun jokes. Give cute voodoo dolls for gag gifts or humorous gifts.

Draw freehand, download and print, or trace a single gingerbread man shape onto paper. (Free patterns are located in the Resource section.) Cut out the gingerbread man pattern. Adjust size to your preferences. If you’re drawing your own pattern shape, 12-inches tall and about 6-inches wide at the widest point across the arms/hands is a nice size for sewing.

Fold your fabric in half and place the pattern on top. Pin. Cut two gingerbread men shapes from the fabric. Remove pattern. Put right sides together and pin edges. Solid colored cotton is sturdy and easy to sew.

Start at the right thigh of the doll and sew along the pinned edges on a sewing machine using a ¼-inch seam allowance and a straight stitch. You will end on the left thigh of the doll. Don’t sew the crotch area closed (this is where you’ll stuff the doll). Remove pins.

Turn the voodoo doll right side out through the crotch by using tweezers to reach inside and grasp the top of the head. Pull the head through the crotch. Use a pencil to help poke the arms/legs right side out.

Stuff the doll through the crotch area. Use a pencil to help poke the stuffing into hard to reach areas.

Fold the raw edges of the open crotch area inside ¼-inch and pin closed. Sew the crotch area closed by hand with a needle and thread with a whipstitch (see resources). Remove pins.

Use a fine tipped permanent black marker to write funny sayings or one-word sayings on the voodoo doll in various places. If you’re making a Husband Voodoo Doll, write on the hand, “Forgot to take out trash”. On a child voodoo doll, on the mouth, you could write, “Didn’t say thank you”. On a co-worker voodoo doll, you could write on the chest: “laid off”. Use your imagination or look at examples online.

Stick decorative, large ball tipped straight pins into the doll in various places so the user can stick the cute voodoo doll with pins in the humorous sayings. Decorative straight pins are available in fabric stores.