How to Make Cosmetic Gift Sets

by Sianne Statile ; Updated September 28, 2017

Decorate your gift with flowers for a feminine touch.

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Cosmetic gift sets are a perfect gift for many women. Cosmetics are not just limited to makeup, the category also includes lotions, perfumes, bath soaps, nail polish and makeup applicators. Creating a cosmetic gift set allows you lots of options. The person receiving the set will be delighted with the products, and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Decide on a budget. Be sure to account for all materials that will be needed. This includes; the container you will use to place the gifts in, cost you plan to spend on the cosmetics themselves, as well as the wrapping you will use.

Choose a theme. A gift set usually includes things that work well together. Some good additions would include; bath sprays, soaps, shower gel and a poof or loofah. Makeup sets should include, lip gloss, a pocket mirror, application brushes, eye shadows, mascara and makeup remover.

Pick a suitable container. It should be large enough to hold the items, and be to your liking. Containers can be a simple gift bag, box or basket. In using something like a basket, it gives the gift an additional purpose.

Assemble your gift set. If using a gift bag as your container, place some tissue paper inside the bag. If you chose a box, wrap the gift and add a decorative bow. For a basket, purchase some clear wrap -- gather it at the top -- and tie it with ribbon.

Save time and go online. There are several online resources that will help you assemble a gift basket. You can achieve a professional look, while choosing specific products to be included in your gift set.

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