How to Make Corsages for Kids

There are many occasions for a child to wear a corsage including weddings, daddy-daughter dances, sports banquets and graduations. Corsages that are made for an adult can be overwhelming and too heavy for a child. You should use small flowers such as miniature carnations and sweetheart roses along with light weight materials for a child's corsage or boutonniere.

Choose a stem with a small, nearly perfect blossom.

Cut the stem of the real or silk flower at 3 inches with a knife or wire cutters.

Cut a piece of floral wire with cutters about 4 inches long if using a real flower.

Pierce the stem of the flower at the receptacle. This is the bulging point of the stem that lies just under the actual blossom. Push the wire until it is about 1 1/2 inches through the stem.

Bend the wire down along both sides of the stem. Wrap the longest wire around the stem and the opposite wire twice.

Wrap the stem of the flower and the wire with floral tape until the entire area is covered.

Add a tiny leaf and baby's breath sprig or tiny spray of pearl beads and wrap well to secure with floral tape.

Securely tie a small ribbon bow just under the blossom.