How to Make Coconut Whipping Cream Icing

For a lighter touch to add to your cake, try topping it with coconut whipped cream icing. This frosting goes with just about any cake flavor, but is not too sweet and overpowering. It’s pretty simple to make, too.

Pour the whipping cream into a chilled bowl and mix on high with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. You know when soft peaks have formed when you lift the mixer and the whipping cream lifts up but then falls back down.

Add the coconut extract, sugar and piping gel and continue to mix until stiff peaks form. Stiff peaks have been formed when the whipping cream has thickened and it stays up when the mixer has been lifted.

Place the coconut in a chopper or food processor and chop it up for a few seconds to cut it into smaller pieces. If you don't have a chopper, a knife will work as well. Make sure the knife is sharp and just chop it up as best you can. Fold in the coconut until it is well incorporated in the frosting.

Spread the icing over your cake and serve.