How to Make Church Donation Sheets

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Churches often hand out small sheets of paper to church attendees to place their donation amounts and specifications on. A donation sheet is a paper that allows churchgoers the opportunity to give donations to the church, and to specify where they would like the money to be appropriated. To create a church donation sheet, use a word processing program or a spreadsheet program.

Open a word or spreadsheet program. If you use a spreadsheet program, it is easier to create boxes for church members to fill in. Name the file and save it.

Enter the church information. Write the name of the church at the top of the sheet and include the address and phone number. Add the church's logo or specific symbol on the sheet if it has one.

Leave blanks on the sheet for the people to complete their name, address, phone number and email address.

State the options for funding. Most churches have several different funds that members can donate money toward. These commonly include the general fund, building fund, evangelism ministry and missionary funds. Leave a blank for “other,” which allows the person to fill in the fund they would like their donation to go toward.

Include a donation box by each fund type to allow the person to fill in the amount of the donation.

Have the person fill in the total contribution amount at the bottom of the donation sheet. This is useful if the person is writing one check that is being separated into two or more different funds.

Thank the giver for donating toward the church at the very bottom of the donation sheet. Include a statement that tells the person that all contributions made to the church are tax-deductible donations.