How to Make Christmas Tree Light Balls

PauDlDesigns/iStock/Getty Images

Christmas time is the time for presents and decorations. The lights and garland on a tree make it look beautiful and bright. Most everyone also enjoys adding decorations to their homes and yards. Christmas tree light balls add color and beauty to any home. They add sparkle and brilliance. These light balls are fairly simple to make and don't require any tools or a lot of time.

Buy chicken wire from your local hardware store. You may have to buy an entire roll to get the size you will need. You will need a piece about 24 inches wide and 45 inches long.

Roll the wire into a sphere shape. Carefully twist the wire ends together to make it secure.

Fold the wire inwardly on both ends to form a rectangle. Now patiently, start mashing the wire into a circle. It doesn't need to be perfect, for the lights are the only thing you will see.

Test the lights before you use them. Plug up the lights to an extension cord to make sure that all of them are working. Checking them first helps ensure that you will not have to remove the lights later if they are not working.

Wrap your lights around the ball just as you would your Christmas tree. Plug in each strand to the female end to have one continuous line of lights. Use your extension cord to plug in the lights.

Hang your ball wherever you desire. Place it where you think it will show up the most and people can see it easily. Use whatever you want to hang it with such as twine, wire or some type of rope. If you're hanging it in a tree, take a ball with twine wrapped around and throw it over a tree branch. This will get the light ball where you want it.