How to Make Chocolate-Covered Pretzels


0:00 hi I'm Dennis manager gonna chef at

0:03 Porter's net Country Club today we're

0:04 going to make really good chocolate

0:05 dipped pretzels

0:07 you will need threat CIL's we have

0:10 chocolate ganache equal parts chocolate

0:12 heavy cream a little bit of butter we

0:14 also have a tempered chocolate it's just

0:16 chocolate that's just been melted and

0:18 cooled by great so you take your pretzel

0:24 dip it in the chocolate

0:28 lay it on parchment paper

0:40 or you can put them on a great

0:50 skim your chocolate

0:53 right over it let these set room

0:55 temperature will draw them in your

0:57 refrigerator for five minutes

0:58 you have chocolate dip pretzels I'm

1:01 Dennis manager garnish chef at

1:02 Courtney's net Country Club