How to Make Cheap Cufflinks

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Make Cheap Cufflinks. Cufflinks are making a comeback and shirts with French cuffs are becoming the fashion rage again. Attractive cufflinks can take an ordinary shirt and make it party worthy or even tux worthy. Here is a quick way to make a set for those in pinch who need them right away, or those who simply enjoy the personal touch of wearing something beautiful and handmade.

Thread the buttons with a piece of wire about four inches long. Twist the wire to secure the buttons.

Wrap the wires in the fabric scraps. Allow the glue to dry and trim any excess fabric.

Insert the ends of the wires through the button holes on the cuffs and bend the wire legs back to anchor the cufflinks firmly to the shirt.

Clasp the shirt cuffs with the cufflinks to ensure they fit properly. If the wire is too long trim it. The wires should lay flat against the shirt and not poke or jab the wearer in the wrist.


  • This technique for making cufflinks is very adaptable. You can use ornate buttons and fabric for a really dressy look, or simple buttons for a more casual look. For a really trendy look you can even use UTP-plugs. If you don't have wire readily acessible, a paper clip also works very well. If you are attending a formal event with your wife or girlfriend, match the fabric used on the cufflinks with the fabric of your partner's dress for a small but sweetly personal touch.

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