How to Make Cascading Bouquets Out of Silk Flowers

S. Faloon Design

Silk flowers have become a popular choice for many brides. They are perfect for a do-it-yourself wedding. A silk wedding bouquet can be made in the weeks before the wedding. There are so many colors available for a bride to have her desired choice. It takes patience and work to make cascading bouquets out of silk flowers. Cascade bouquets are beautiful when they flow down the front of the bridal gown.

Clear a large work surface to work on. Separate flowers by form and color. Place in one corner of your work area.

Place vase in the middle of your work table. Set bouquet holder handle into it to keep both of your hands free for assembly.

Cut five of the main mass flowers to a 4-inch stem. Place the main flower in the center of the foam.

Place the four mass flowers at angles into the foam evenly around the top and bottom of the holder.

Fill in the foam with flowers of all sizes. Leave an open space in the foam at the bottom of the holder. Add pearl or rhinestone spray pieces if desired.

Insert one 8-inch line flower into the back center of the foam bottom.

Place a 12- to 15-inch line stem or ivy vine on the work surface.

Cut several pieces of wire to 4- and 5-inch lengths.

Cut rosebuds, daisies, stephanotis or other small flowers to a 1/2-inch stem. Floral tape each one to a piece of wire.

Floral tape the small wired flowers to the long ivy or line flower piece. Add in pearl or rhinestone sprays, if desired.

Push the cascade piece slowly and firmly in to the center bottom of the foam. Watch that the stems and wires stay in the foam.

Add a small bow on a wired stick into the main body of the bouquet.

Cut a 12- to 15-inch piece of ribbon. Lay it horizontally on the work surface.

Cut three to five pieces of ribbon at varying lengths from 12 to 24 inches. Lay the ribbons with the centers across the center of the horizontal ribbon.

Lift both ends of the horizontal ribbon and tie it to secure the other ribbon lengths. Tie a tight knot.

Wrap the horizontal ribbon ends around the top of the bouquet holder handle. Tie very tightly to secure the cascade of ribbons to the handle.