How to Make Candy Gift Baskets

Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just to show you care, candy baskets are easy to make. You can make a candy gift basket inexpensively, but still make it special. Candy gift baskets can be given to family members, friends and even people in the work place.

Add filler to the basket. Create a base by using loosely wadded-up tissue paper or paper grass in the bottom of your basket. Use colored tissue paper or paper grass to match a theme (if there is one), such as red or pink for Valentine’s Day, or red or green for Christmas.

Add the candy. Make the gift basket more fun by adding a variety of candies. Use king size, regular size or fun size candies. To prevent the candy bars from shuffling around the basket, glue them together. Only use a small amount of glue, as you don’t want a sticky mess, and you also don’t want to melt parts of the candies.

Wrap with cellophane. You can wrap the basket with clear cellophane wrap or colored cellophane wrap. If it is a holiday, it might be fun to use a colored cellophane wrap, such as pink for Valentine’s Day or yellow for Easter.

Add a bow or ribbon. If you are wrapping the basket in cellophane, tie the gathering of the cellophane (at the top of the basket) with a ribbon. If you decide not to use cellophane, tie a bow around the handle of the basket.

Complete the basket with a card. Be sure to include a card and envelope with the candy gift basket. The card can be either store bought or handmade. If you decide to make the card yourself, consider using rubber stamps and markers to brighten it up. Write a personalized message inside the card.