How to Make Candy Bouquets Easily and Cheap

Handmade candy bouquets make inexpensive, tasty gifts for holidays and for special occasions such as weddings and corporate events. You can also make the edible bouquets to sell as a part-time business endeavor. Whether simple or elaborate, candy bouquets only require an assortment of treats and basic craft-making items.

Purchase the candy. You can buy candy in bulk at discount stores and warehouses or buy specialty candies from a candy shop if you plan to make gourmet bouquets. Purchase candy by color and type to make theme bouquets, such as for Independence Day and Christmas, and to match special event color themes such as christenings.

Buy candy bouquet-making supplies at a craft or discount store. Such items include a hot glue gun and glue sticks, wooden skewers or dowels, floral foam, a container or floral pot, and decorative finishing touches such as ribbons, silk flowers, flags and small toys.

Assemble the bouquet. Cut the floral foam to fit into the bottom of the pot. Cover the foam with shredded paper, tissue, or a layer of candy. Glue the candy onto the wooden skewers or dowels. For a polished look, glue tissue paper around your candy stems to cover up the backs.

Arrange the candy just as you would a flower arrangement, meaning in an aesthetically pleasing manner to suit your or your client's tastes. Add decorations such as cards and novelty items to the bouquet by attaching them to skewers or dowels. Finish the bouquet by wrapping it in cellophane gift basket wrap and attaching a ribbon.

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