How to Make Button Jewelry

Beth VanHoose/Beth's Beadstro

Making your own jewelry allows you to express your personality. It's fun to make bracelets and necklaces with items that generally are not associated with jewelry. Try making this bracelet using buttons for a unique fashion statement. You can make a 7-inch bracelet by following these instructions.

Choose 81 buttons to make your bracelet. All the buttons can be the same size and color, but it will be more interesting if you choose different sizes and colors to create your bracelet.

Divide colors and sizes evenly if you use various sizes and colors. Buttons can be four hole or two hole.

Take one strand of elastic and tie a loose knot or secure with a bead stopper 3 inches from the end. Repeat with the other strand.

Take one strand of the elastic and thread on one button. Follow this with a second button, using a different size or color. String on a third button, using another size and color.

String the second strand of elastic through the opposite holes on the buttons you just strung so that the two elastic threads run parallel to each other.

Continue creating the bracelet by stringing the remainder of the buttons onto the elastics, repeating the same pattern created with the first three buttons.

Securely holding the loose ends of both elastics, drape the bracelet around your wrist. Add buttons to make the bracelet larger if needed. You can also remove buttons if the bracelet needs to be smaller. Always end with the final button of the three-button pattern you created.

Leaving a 3-inch tail, tape the loose ends of the elastic to a flat surface, or use bead stoppers.

If you knotted the elastic to start the bracelet, remove the knot from one strand of the elastic. If you used a bead stopper, remove the stopper from the elastic.

Securely hold the loose end of elastic, being careful not to drop off buttons. Remove the other end of the same strand from the tape or bead stopper.

Tie the two ends of elastic together, pulling tightly to form a circle. Use a double-overhand knot, tying it close to the buttons. Put a drop of glue on the knot.

Remove the knot, tape or bead stoppers from the second strand of elastic. Tie the two ends together with a double-overhand knot, tying it close to the buttons. Put a drop of glue on this knot.

Once the glue has dried on the knots, cut the trailing ends of the elastic. Cut close to the knots, being careful not to cut into the bracelet. Your bracelet is now complete.