How to Make Brown Spots on the Face Disappear

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People can get dark spots on their skin for a variety of reasons. Acne can cause dark spots as the skin heals. The hormones from pregnancy can cause dark spots as well. But the most common cause of dark spots on the face is the sun. There are lots of way to help treat and remove dark spots from your face, but once you have them removed, you will want to take steps to keep them from coming back.

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Buy a skin lightening cream. Skin lightening creams contain mild bleaching agents and antioxidants that help slow the production of melanin in the skin. Dark spots will slowly fade.

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Use a whitening mask once a week. A whitening mask will target the dark spots on your face, lightening them gradually and brightening your skin.

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Exfoliate at least once a week. Regular exfoliation (removing dead cells from the surface of the skin) helps to remove the dirt and oil on the face that can cause blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. A pimple can cause dark spots on your face as it heals.

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Use microdermabrasion. This is the process uses a high pressure vacuum and microscopic crystals to exfoliate the face. It removes the dirt and oil that can cause pimples and dark spots. Microdermabrasion can be done in the dermatologist's office, but you can also purchase at-home microdermabrasion kits.

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Discuss chemical peels and laser therapy with your dermatologist. Chemical peels involve using citric acid to remove the damaged top layer of skin from the face. It will remove brown spots and even skin tone. Laser therapy uses an intense light to bring healthy red blood cells to the skin's surface. These blood cells help break up the concentration of melanin causing the brown spots.