How to Make Bows for Flip Flops

Fancy and decorated flip flops have become very popular among the young and adolescent girl population.

There are infinite possibilities for decorating a plain pair of inexpensive flip flops. If you have a little bit of craftiness and a few assorted ribbons and tools, you can create a snazzy pair of flip flops for very little expense. Young girls could even decorate their own flip flops with a little adult supervision with the hot glue gun.

Cut a 23" length of ribbon.

Make a 4" loop of ribbon, and hold the loop so that the long tail of the ribbon is on top and the short tail of the ribbon is underneath.

Fold the long tail portion up toward the upper loop. Hold the loops securely.

Loop the tail another time, and fold the long tail down again to form another loop.

Fold the long tail portion up toward the loop again. Hold all of the loops securely. You are now holding several completed loops between your fingers.

Pinch the center of the loops between your thumb and index finger.

Wrap the craft wire tightly around the center where you are holding the pinched loops. Wrap the wire around several times. Trim the excess wire.

Cut a 5" length of 3/8"-wide ribbon for the center of the bow. Center this length of ribbon across the wrapped craft wire.

Position the bow into the desired place on the flip flop. Wrap the 3/8" length of ribbon around from the center of the bow and under the upper plastic part of the flip flop. Hold the ribbon securely, and turn the flip flop over so you can see the underside of the bow.

Overlap the 3/8"-wide ribbon onto itself slightly on the underside of the flip flop and glue the bow onto the flip flop by gluing the 3/8" ribbon. Make sure the bow is glued securely. Trim off the excess 3/8"-wide ribbon.

Repeat steps 1-10 to make a second bow for the other flip flop.