How to make Boneless BBQ Chicken ( in the oven )

Another easy recipe you can make fairly quickly.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. I sometimes slow cook my chicken and cook it at 250 degrees. It depends how fast you want to cook the chicken. Line the deep pan with aluminum foil this will ensure easy clean up.

Next cut your chicken breast in smaller pieces. If they are already in small pieces you can skip this step. After this is done add garlic powder and black pepper to the chicken.

Place the pieces of chicken breast into the deep pan and put into the oven. Check on the chicken in about 20 mins and start adding the BBQ sauce. You keep doing this thru out the cooking process.

Oven cooking times vary but usually the breast will cook in about 1 hour. To make sure the chicken is cooked check the by cutting the chicken pieces in half if they are white in the middle this means they are cooked.