How to Make Boat Shoes Waterproof

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If you love sailing or spending time on boats, you probably own a pair of boat shoes. When selecting a pair it’s a good idea to determine how waterproof they are, as salt water is corrosive and can rot the shoe or leave a white water mark. Most boat shoes have a rubber sole with either a leather or canvas upper, and will have some water resistance - but it’s simple to add more protection using a cream or spray.

How to Make Boat Shoes Waterproof

Make sure your shoes are clean and dry. Remove any laces.

Use a spray for canvas shoes. For leather shoes a spray or cream will work. Creams or sprays are readily available at shoe stores and discount retailers.

Spot test the cream or spray on a small part of your shoe, according to the product label, to make sure it will not harm the material.

Cover the upper, outside part of shoes before using a spray. Pay particular attention to any joins, seams or stitched areas. Spray the shoes outdoors. Allow to dry before wearing.

Rub cream protectants into leather shoes using a soft cloth. Make sure to apply the cream to joins, seams and stitched areas. Leave to fully dry.