How to Make Beards Soft

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A well-groomed beard can add character and sophistication to a man’s appearance. It compliments his bone structure, brings out his eye color and can conceal imperfections, such as burns and scars. If you have a beard or plan on growing one, you must maintain it to keep it from looking dry and shabby. To keep your beard soft and smooth, give it the same amount of attention that you give the hair on your head.

Trim your beard to keep it even and to eradicate prickly hairs. Purchase a beard trimmer or visit your barber regularly to shape and even your beard.

Wash and condition your beard daily. Use the shampoo and conditioner that you use on your hair or purchase products designed for facial hair. Beard shampoos and conditioners are milder and most of them contain anti-itch agents.

Apply natural oils to your beard. Lime, coconut and sesame oils loosen tight hairs, which makes beards soft and easily manageable. They also break down trapped dirt, nourish the skin and add shine to your beard.