How to Make Baseball Hats

While baseball hats are easy to find at retail locations, sometimes it’s just better to make your own. This is especially true if you need a baseball cap that has an old-fashioned look. Best of all, you get to have the fun involved in creating your own design, both for the logo on the cap and the design of the hat itself. In this way, your baseball hat becomes a statement of your individualism and a testament to your craftiness.

Design your hat by making sketches of the element you want to include, using existing hats as a model. Experiment with different possibilities, including wider or thinner brims, a pointy or flat top and more. Think about colors too; if you’re making a hat for a real-life baseball team, you know which colors to use. Otherwise, use whatever colors you like. Look to the past for inspiration. As the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s Online Exhibit shows, the ballcap has changed a great deal over the years.

Transfer a baseball cap pattern to fabric you will use. If you don’t have or don't want to use a professionally designed cap pattern, make your own by undoing the seams of a hat you no longer want. You will end up with six pieces of fabric cut into isosceles triangles. (That’s the kind with two identical angles and two sides of identical length.) Cut out the fabric for your hat.

Sew the long sides of the pieces of fabric together to create the cap. Make sure the bottom of the cap is round. Sewing instructor Edie Barbour suggests that you turn the cap inside out and whip-stitch the seams, as this gives the cap more body.

Create the brim of your cap by cutting a piece of plastic to the desired shape. Leaving a little extra fabric, cut a pair of brim-shaped pieces and sew them on to the brim. (As the plastic may be thick, it might be easier to use a machine for this part.)

Stitch the brim to the cap of your hat. Double-stitch the brim to make sure it is secure. Bend the brim to your taste; some people prefer a rounder brim, while some prefer to keep a flat brim.

Decorate the ball cap to match the style you’ve already designed. This is the fun part. Embroider a simple logo on the front with painstaking stitching, or use fabric paint to make a psychedelic design. Consider sewing random pieces of fabric onto the cap in patchwork fashion.