How to Make Balloon Ghost Halloween Ceiling Decorations

If you are looking for decorating ideas for your next Halloween party, try these balloon ghosts. Using helium filled balloons gives the illusion that these ghosts are floating through the air. Add a black light and your guests will be in for a real spooky surprise!

Blow up enough balloons to cover the area of ceiling that you want to cover with your floating ghosts. In order for your ghosts to float you will need to use helium. Helium tanks can be rented from your neighborhood party store, and are also sold in some local retail chains.

Add a string to each of the balloons. Length doesn’t matter, but if you use longer ones, they will hang down enough for your guests to walk through, giving them that creepy spiderweb feeling.

Cut white kitchen garbage bags in half lengthwise. You should have as many halves as you have balloons. Cut slits along the length of the plastic bag halves, leaving a two-inch seam at the bottom that is not cut. The halves of the plastic bags should look like white grass skirts.

Take each of the plastic skirts and tape one around the middle of each balloon. The skirts will give your ghosts a spooky look as they float through the air.

Draw two eyes, a nose, and a scary mouth on your balloon ghosts with your black marker. You can draw different faces on each of the ghosts, or all of the same. The choice is yours.

Allow all of your balloon ghosts to float to the ceiling. Turn off the lights, and turn on your black light. Now you have a spooky Halloween ceiling that your guests will love.