How to Make Backdrops for a Wedding

Setting the scene for your wedding is easier than you may think. Creating your own backdrops for the ceremony or reception only requires a few supplies and some creativity. A wedding backdrop will also make photos from the day especially unique.

Choose the backdrop set you want to use. This will keep the fabric in place and should consist of two bases, two rods connected to the bases and a rod that is retractable so that you can adjust it according to how wide the backdrop is. Search local craft or wedding supply stores for a set that is affordable and will meet your needs. Measure the set while in the store to get the correct dimensions, and buy your fabric at the same time. Select materials like organza for spring and summer weddings—thicker canvas material may be best for fall and winter nuptials. Place the fabric up on the backdrop set to get a feel for how your backdrop will look at the wedding.

Add the lights to the fabric for an evening wedding to give the backdrop a more dramatic feel. Use small strings of Christmas lights to create the desired shapes behind the fabric. For example, design the lights in the shape of your new initials or in the shape of a heart. Use fishing wire or pipe cleaners to keep the lights in place. Test the lights by turning them on and off during the shaping process to make sure that the illumination is at the right level. Also, test the lights before the wedding or reception as well.

Use paints to make the wedding backdrop romantic and visually appealing. For instance, if you're using black or navy blue canvas, accents of silver paint will give the illusion of moonlight for an evening wedding. Have an artist paint a bouquet of flowers or your monogrammed initials onto the canvas so that you and your bridal party can take pictures around the backdrop. Have the canvas painted at least a month before the wedding so that there is time for any necessary adjustments. Drape the canvas over the backdrop set several times as well to ensure the proper fit.