How to Make Baby Shower Card Boxes

Creating a card box for a baby shower is a decorative addition, as well as a memorable keepsake for the mother-to-be. You can choose colors to make the card box for a boy, a girl or neutral. As an alternative to using silver glitter, you could instead choose the perspective mom's favorite color or the color they chose for the baby's nursery. This craft requires very few supplies and should be inexpensive to make. Once you have color copies made of the parents-to-be, the project should only take about 20 minutes.

Cover your work surface with old newspaper. You'll be working with glitter and the newspaper will help contain the mess.

Wrap the box with solid colored baby shower gift wrap. Wrap the lid and the bottom of the box separately so the cards can be removed without ruining the box.

Color copy pictures of the parents-to-be and glue them to the outside of the box. Only choose one or two pictures for each side of the box so it doesn't look cluttered. You can glue the pictures down using a scrapbooking glue stick. Make sure you smooth out the picture when you glue it down so it does not dry with wrinkles in it.

Trace the pictures with white glue. Sprinkle silver glitter over the glue and then tilt the box so any excess glitter falls to your work surface. Be careful not to smudge the glue.

Draw a slot on the top of the box large enough to slide cards through. Then use a razor or box cutter to carefully cut along the lines you drew to create a card slot.

Use white craft glue to write "Congratulations" across the lid of the box.

Sprinkle silver glitter over the letters you wrote in glue. When all the letters are covered with glitter, tip the lid over so all the excess glitter falls to your work surface.