How to Make African-American Relaxed Hair to Look Naturally Curly


0:11 hi I'm Michele O'Connor celebrity

0:14 hairstylist today I'm going to show you

0:16 how to make relaxed african-american

0:18 hair look naturally curly so today we're

0:21 going to start with the tools that

0:22 you're going to need to create this

0:24 style we're gonna need a gel we're gonna

0:27 need to use flexi rods have a comb on

0:30 hand as well as some type of a clip a

0:32 duckbill clip works perfectly the gel

0:34 I'll be using today is mazzani pure

0:36 style we're going to start off

0:39 sectioning the hair today Jen is opting

0:42 to go for a curly style that has a side

0:45 part so we're going to start with our

0:46 parting about an inch and a half thick

0:50 keep in mind that we're just gonna twist

0:52 the hair to create that naturally curly

0:56 look the gel will help us because what

0:59 we're looking for is the ability to pull

1:02 that twist out without the hair being

1:04 very stiff and flaking Jen tear is

1:07 relaxed and so we really don't need to

1:10 over saturate the hair with product we

1:12 really just want the hair to mold into

1:15 that twist pattern which is going to

1:17 mimic curly hair so using just a drop

1:20 I'm emulsifying it I'm running it

1:23 through the hair and then we'll start

1:25 our twist this is unlike a braid and the

1:30 fact that it's just two pieces of the

1:33 post 2/3 so we're going to take the hair

1:35 and overlap them over each other

1:38 picking up new hair as we go along and

1:41 we continue on that double strand twist

1:43 until we get to the ends of her hair

1:45 because the hair is relaxed the ends

1:48 won't just stay together so it's

1:51 important to add some type of a curling

1:54 rod it could be a perm rod it could be a

1:56 flexi rod and now I'm going to wrap the

2:00 hair around and roll the hair up on

2:03 itself all the way up

2:08 then we're going to close it and this

2:09 secures it prevent it from unraveling

2:12 and there you have our finished first

2:17 twist you'll continue on in this same

2:20 fashion throughout the entire head of

2:23 hair until you have twisted everything

2:26 bring it all the way down to the nape of

2:29 the neck and at this point your twists

2:32 will be off of the scalp and you

2:36 continue on until you get all the way to

2:39 the bottom you see I haven't changed my

2:40 pattern or change what I've done it's

2:43 just off the scalp at this point and as

2:45 you can see we've taken out all the rest

2:48 of them so you can already see where the

2:51 curl and the natural look has come into

2:55 play at this point to create more volume

2:59 shake your head up keep in mind that

3:04 this is relaxed hair that we're trying

3:06 to look like voluminous natural curls

3:12 she went from very very straight and

3:16 basically with curls you're really not

3:18 looking for a definitive part you're

3:20 just really looking for that very

3:22 voluminous wild free flirty healthy and

3:27 shiny looking hair and this is what

3:30 we've been able to achieve that's how

3:32 you get relaxed african-american hair to

3:35 look naturally curly i'm michelle

3:37 o'connor and thanks for watching