How to Make a Yogi Bear Costume

How to Make a Yogi Bear Costume. Making a Yogi Bear costume can be an elaborate project, or it can be a simple task even non-sewers can complete. Follow the steps below and make a Yogi Bear costume.

Begin with a brown sweatsuit. For smaller children, a brown sleeper will work. You can sew a body suit with a zipper in the back from a pajama pattern. Yogi's color is between medium and dark brown.

Sew a hood out of material the same color as the suit. Sew the hood onto the sides and back of the suit's collar.

Cut a white collar from an old dress shirt. The collar should be big enough to reach all the way around the collar of the suit and hood and close comfortably. Attach a button on the underside on the collar on one side, and sew an elastic loop on the other side for easy closure.

Cut 4 round, small ear shapes out of the brown material. Sew together the 2 sides of the ears, leaving the bottom open. Sew the bottom of the ears onto the top sides of the hood. Leave plenty of room for a hat between the ears.

Find a green tie to wear with the white collar. Sew the tie onto one side of the collar and use it as one piece, or simply keep the tie in place with a safety pin.

Top off the Yogi Bear costume with a small green hat. It should be light green with a shallow crown and medium brim. It has a black stripe around the crown. It may be just as easy to make one from felt, out of basic shapes like a circle, with a long band for height and a large oval for the brim. Sew or even glue together with fabric glue. Pin the hat to the top of the hood.