How to Make a Wonderful Easy Espresso / Coffee in a Stove Top Espresso Maker (aka Moka Pot) Images

The moka pot presents a welcome relief from expensive, complicated-to-operate automatic espresso machines. Like those machines, water vapor is forced through a cake of finely ground coffee. The water then arrives in the upper chamber of the pot, where it condenses back into liquid. The brewing method produces a coffee that is akin in flavor to espresso.

Unscrew the bottom of the moka pot from the top. There is a filter basket midway between the top and bottom halves. Remove the filter basket and set it to the side.

Fill the bottom of the pot with fresh water up to the level of the valve (references 2).

Fill the filter basket with finely ground coffee. Wipe away any grinds from the lip of the filter basket.

Install the filter basket atop the bottom half of the moka pot.

Screw the top of the moka pot back onto the bottom half.

Set the electric or gas burner on a low to medium flame. If using an electric burner, allow the burner fully heat up.

Place the moka pot atop the burner.

Allow the coffee to percolate completely to the top. Listen for the coffee to stop bubbling. The process takes approximately 5 minutes from the time the moka pot is placed atop the burner. If the process takes longer, slightly increase the heat of the burner the next time.