How to Make a Wig Closure Piece

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Creating a beautiful head of hair at home is easy. Finishing it can be hard. Ready-made wig closures can be purchased, but these pieces are expensive, difficult to work with, and may not match the color or texture of the hair you’ve decided to use. Making your own wig closure piece, means you’re guaranteed to get the look you want.

Braid your natural hair as close to the scalp as possible. Tuck any loose ends inside the braids, and cover with a protective kerchief or fabric cap.

Put on the wig cap, ensuring that the cap fights tightly to the head. Secure it with bobby pins or combs.

Sew the weave rounds to the wig cap in horizontal layers around the head, starting at the nape of the neck.

Continue the layering pattern around the sides of the head, working in a horseshoe shape to cover the temple area and forward scalp.

Stop at the crown of the head. There should only be a tight, dime-sized circle of uncovered wig cap left.

Cut off the end of the weave round at the weft -- the thread which binds the hair to the weave round. Measure two 2-inch pieces, cut, and fold them in half. Sew the folded pieces closed at the top of the weft.

Sew one folded piece to the open section at the crown of the head, by pushing the needle under and over the sewn fold, and through to the wig cap on the other side.

Use the second folded piece to seal off the closure, and conceal the last of the stitches. Brush the hair over the crown -- and down the back and sides, creating an even part. No weave rounds or sewing stitches should be visible.