How to Make a Wedding Candelabra Floral Decoration

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Preparing a candelabra floral arrangement for your wedding can easily add extra romance to the setting. The combination of flowers and candles creates a look that is undeniably lovely, while at the same time convenient. In the early hours of the reception, with the candles unlit, the floral attributes bring life to an otherwise empty candelabra. Once lit, the flickering light of the flames dance magically across the flowers. Designing your own floral candelabra will make the surroundings of your celebration all the more personal.

Submerge the caged floral foam in a bucket of of water to ensure proper saturation.

Prepare fresh flowers and greenery. Trim the stems with the florist's knife and remove any unwanted leaves or flowers. Place in a bucket of water while constructing the arrangement.

Attach the cage to the candelabra with floral wire. Proper positioning is important. Place the cage higher up, if desiring a cascading affect -- but not so high that the flowers will be burned by the flames of low burning candles. If the wire appears too evident, cover any areas of concern with floral tape.

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Insert the greenery. Place all stems at least 1 1/2 inches into the block for adequate hydration. Position the stems at angles to create a falling (cascading) look. Cover the sides as well as the front. If attaching two cages to create a full arrangement around the candelabra (not just one sided), place the greenery all the way around the cage.

Place the longer stemmed flowers into the block before any smaller, shorter ones. Stagger their placement as you go along so that some stick out farther than others. This creates a relaxed, bouquet-like look. Gradually fill in all the bare areas, while leaving room for the smaller, shorter flowers.

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Position the smaller flowers last, inserting them into areas that are evidently in need of more covering, or filling. This final step allows you to get rid of any unwanted holes, visible wires, etc. With all the flowers placed, the candles may finally be inserted into their holders.