How to Make a Wedding Bouquet With Silk Flowers

S. Faloon

Wedding bouquets are an important part of the overall ambience of the wedding ceremony and portraits. The flowers add color and beauty to the gowns. You can make wedding bouquets for attendants and the bride from silk flowers. A silk bridal bouquet is a keepsake to display for years to come. Silk wedding bouquets can be made well in advance of the wedding. This can help spread the work out over a period of time. The mother of the bride or another family member can help the bride with this pre-wedding project.

Go shopping for your flowers. At the store, hold a selection of flowers in your hands, as if it's a bouquet, to see what looks right for you. Buy one or two stems extra for each type of flower you have chosen.

Put the bouquet holder in a vase on your work table. This will keep both of your hands free to work with the piece. Set the silk flowers to the side.

Cut the stems of the silk flowers down to 3 or 4 inches long. Cut any foliage stems to this size also.

Insert a main flower stem, such as roses, lilies, irises or carnations, into the center of the foam in the bouquet holder.

Insert 4 more main flower stems at slight angles to the top, bottom, left and right of the main flower.

Insert leaves around the sides of the foam where the foam meets the top of the plastic holder.

Insert secondary flowers such as carnations, daisies or rosebuds into the sides of the foam near the rim of the bouquet holder, next to the leaves.

Fill in the foam with stems of smaller blossoms. Check to make sure that there are no gaps in the flowers where the foam will show through.

Hold your bouquet in front of a mirror to check all angles. Add more flowers or leaves to fill it out, if necessary.

Insert a ribbon bow on a wired stick into the foam at the center of the bottom edge, if desired. Add a strand or wired spray of pearl beads or rhinestones to your bouquet for a stylish touch.