How to Make a Watermelon Pig

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For a family gathering or summertime picnic, make your table extra festive by serving cut-up fruit from a carved watermelon. This simple, sculpted watermelon pig will add a bit of fun and is sure to delight young and old.

The Base

Wash the watermelon in the sink with cool water and place it on a work surface.

Cut a quarter-inch thick slice lengthwise off the bottom of the watermelon so that it will not roll.

Decide which end of the watermelon will be the pig's head. This will be referred to as the front of the watermelon.

Cut a large rectangular section from the top of the watermelon. Begin about 4 in. back from the front of the watermelon and continue around the circumference of the fruit. Cut through the rind into the flesh so that the rectangular section can be removed. Save the rectangle for the pig's ears and legs. (see reference 1).

Scoop the fruit out of the rind with a melon baller. Place the melon balls in a bowl and refrigerate. Clean the rind (see reference 1).

The Tail

Clean a lemon in the sink with cool water.

Cut a slit in the skin on the lemon, then working round and round the lemon, shave off a slice of the peel about 1/8 in. wide and 6 in. long.

Wrap the peel around a pencil for two minutes to give the tail its curl.

Stick the end of a wooden toothpick through one end of the lemon curl. Push the other end of the toothpick into the back of the watermelon, creating the tail.

Finishing Touches

Attach two blueberries and a cucumber slice to the front of the pig as eyes and a nose, using toothpicks. Break the toothpicks in half if it makes attaching the pieces easier.

Cut two triangular pieces from the rectangle of watermelon. Stick a wooden toothpick into one side of each. Attach the triangles to the top front of the watermelon, creating ears.

Cut four square pieces of rind from the rectangle. Stick a wooden toothpick into one side of each.

Attach the squares as "feet" around the bottom of the watermelon. The watermelon pig does not actually have to stand on the feet.

Fill the pig with the melon balls and other cut-up fruit. Serve chilled.