How to Make a Vegan Cake From a Mix


0:05 I'm chef Brian Oh from roster cafe and

0:08 restaurant and they're teaching free

0:10 recipes from my roster recipe book which

0:12 one the number one best vegan vegetarian

0:14 and gluten-free cookbook in the u.s.

0:16 award 2012 by the gourmand world

0:18 cookbook Awards so this is a vegan cake

0:21 mix recipe and the reason why we're

0:24 calling cake mixes sometimes you buy it

0:26 in the store and it comes in a box but

0:28 we're gonna recreate that in a raw

0:29 organic fresh version and this is how

0:32 you make my vegan cake mix recipe but

0:36 we're gonna make the fresh version at

0:37 home so you want to grind about two cups

0:41 of golden raw organic flax seeds in a

0:46 blender now I've already grounded it but

0:48 I wanted to show you how to do it at

0:49 home so you put in a blender and then

0:51 you blend

0:58 until it's a pattern and you want a

1:01 high-powered blender in order to do this

1:02 then you pour it into a large mixing

1:05 bowl then you use some dried raw organic

1:11 sun-dried coconuts that are shredded

1:17 some cinnamon and you want to mix that

1:22 up a little bit then you add two bananas

1:26 and this is what will make it into the

1:28 cake like Joe and batter so these are

1:31 two organic bananas and some people

1:33 don't like bananas so you can use other

1:35 fruits but I find that the banana keeps

1:36 it together it's smooth its creamy it's

1:39 delicious

1:39 and then what you want to do is you want

1:41 to mix it really well and it even looks

1:45 like a cake mix except this is when you

1:47 make at home so it's fresh delicious and

1:49 nutritious and you know what's in it and

1:51 in just a few minutes it will become

1:54 like a dough batter and I'd like to ask

1:56 some goji berries to make it into a

1:58 superfood so I stuck the Gobert goji

2:00 berries in some water so that they're

2:01 plump and now I'm just simply mashing it

2:04 up with the fork and hand mixing it and

2:06 you can see it's trying to look like a

2:08 batter but it's flourless vegan gluten

2:11 free and these stressors are so much fun

2:13 because they only take a few minutes a

2:14 few recipes and a few ingredients and so

2:17 you could do it on the raw and you could

2:20 be the star in the kitchen with my raw

2:21 star recipes now that it's all well

2:24 blended by hand with the fork then you

2:28 want to put it into a cake like pan and

2:33 then you could add more coconut more

2:35 goji berries and that's the thing with

2:38 raw is so abundant there's always more

2:40 of what you want so here's the cake and

2:45 yes you can have your cake and eat it

2:47 too so I'm gonna put some coconut on

2:50 there some more goji berries and some

2:53 more cinnamon and that took what five

2:56 minutes or less now I'd like to see

2:58 anyone make a cake faster than that and

3:02 I'm just adding some cinnamon and you're

3:03 all done ready to serve

3:08 I'm chef Brian Oh and I just taught you

3:11 my raw organic vegan cake mix recipe now

3:15 instead of buying the store in a box I

3:16 recreated so you can make it at home I

3:18 hope you really enjoyed it and as you

3:20 can see it only took a few minutes to

3:22 make super nutritious is now super

3:24 delicious

3:31 you