How to Make a Transparent Clutch

Lately, I have seen various takes on the transparent clutch trend — from boxes to hard cases to soft cases. When I came across this transparent material I thought it would be fun to play around with it and see what I could come up with. Here is my attempt to keep it as simple as possible! This is a fun alternative to your everyday clutch or iPad case.

1 gold magnetic clasp
Transparent plastic material (found in fabric store)

1. Cut your material into an even square size. You can go as small or large as you like! I cut my piece 14 inches x 14 inches.

2. Fold bottom corner up to the middle, followed by the two side corners. These three flaps should slightly overlap with one another. Hold in place.

3. Mark with a pen where your magnetic clasp prongs will insert. Mark each flap since it will go through all three — the prong will be inserted on the point of the bottom flap and the right prong will go the right flap and the left prong through the left flap. Once marked, puncture slits through with a pen or scissors. Its actually very easy to break through so be careful not to use too much pressure to avoid tearing the material.

4. Insert the magnetic clasp prongs into the slits. The clasp will secure the sides of the clutch together. Fold the prongs down using pliers.

5. Fold the top flap down until it almost reaches the bottom. The back of the clutch will be folded over to the front about two inches.

Fold the pointed tip of the top flap back up toward the clasp and crease backward so that it meets evenly with the triangular portion of the bottom flap in the middle. You now have a few additional geometric touches to give your clutch a more unique look.

6. Now add the top part of the magnetic clasp. Mark where your prong slits will go and puncture through. Insert the top part of the magnetic clasp and use pliers to fold the prongs down.

Fill with whatever your heart desires and use as a clutch or bag insert. This clutch is water resistant — always a perk for summer parties! Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you give it a go!

Photo credits: Gabe Liesemeyer