How to Make a Time Capsule

A great way to solidify your place in time is by making a time capsule. Oh sure, the thought that might come to mind is going back into space in a time capsule, or wait, is that a time machine...well, time capsules are excellent and fun ways to mark a special time or occasion.

Select the type of time capsule you want to use. One way to do it is to find a waterproof container that can be buried in the back yard or in a special place. Make sure if you choose the burying capsule that you own the property because with the way construction is these days, you might have your time capsule dug up by a backhoe.

Size matters. Consider what size time capsule to use based on what you will be putting in there. It's great for capturing a special occasion, holiday, or event. Make sure before picking out your time capsule that you have a rough idea of what will be going into there, so you don't have to cram all your papers inside and they will be nice when removed.

Pick out what you want to put in your time capsule. Some ideas are to write letters and put them in there, such as letters to each other, feelings, and goals. Other items to consider for your time capsule are newspaper clippings, photos, pictures drawn by children, a scrapbook, and the list is limitless.

When making a time capsule with your family it's a great idea to take everyone's foot prints and/or hand prints. This can easily be done with some paint, such as acrylic paint. Have everyone press their hands in a thin layer of paint then push their hand flat onto a piece of paper. Repeat the process with your feet. Let the paper dry before placing in the time capsule. Then when you pull out your time capsule you will be able to see the changes and growth and compare with everyone. Include the whole family, heck, you can even have a paw print of the family dog if you are using something non toxic, not that you should only save non toxic items for your pet.

Dig a hole that can withstand weather and bury the time capsule as a family. Use this time to bond and make it a special family event. Talk about how long you want this buried and when you should dig it back up. Mark the calendar the date you bury it and don't forget to make a note of when to dig it back up. Make a special mark to signify where you buried the capsule, so it doesn't look like a mole came through your yard when you are trying to find it to dig it back up.

Be creative. This activity might sound cheesy at first, but if you get into it and present it to the family it can be an incredible opportunity to grow close together through an event. Using letter writing as part of the time capsule can be especially effective. Have fun!