How to Make a Seashell Wedding Bouquet

How to Make a Seashell Wedding Bouquet. Every woman wants her wedding day to be unique so that her guests can remember it for years to come. If the sound of the ocean inspires you or if collecting seashells is your favorite past-time, a seashell wedding bouquet may add the perfect, creative touch to that special day.

Pick a color scheme. The great thing about seashells is that they come in a variety of colors. When combing the beach, gather a bucket full of like-colored shells to go with your theme.

Cut the dowel. A dowel can be cut to any length and should be customized according to the holder's preference. To cut, simply use a small handsaw or cutting knife and then sandpaper the edges for a smooth finish.

Prepare the foam. Gently push the dowel into a foam ball until it feels secure--no more than half-way. Then remove the foam, fill the newly-formed hole with hot glue, and re-insert the dowel. Let it dry completely.

Add the flowers. Apply the seashells with hot glue until the desired look is achieved.

Apply some dazzle. Cultured pearls and crystals are elegant accents and can be added to shells throughout the bouquet. Also use them to hide any foam that may be showing through.

Allow it to sit. In order to ensure that the shells stay in place, remember to let the bouquet dry for a bit.

Wrap it up. Use a silk ribbon to wrap the dowel in and then feel free to dress it up with some organza if you like.