How to Make a Roll-up Mat for Makeup Brushes

Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Leaving makeup brushes and other tools loose in your purse, makeup bag or suitcase can fray brushes and get makeup on other items. A roll-up mat, however, offers a means to keep your brushes tidy, easy to find and separated from your other must-have beauty products. Making your own rollup mat doesn't cost a lot and doesn't take a lot of time.

Place the mat flat on a tabletop. Set the makeup brushes on top of the mat so that they are parallel to the bamboo sticks and evenly spaced. Allow at least a 1-inch border from the ends.

Cut a length of elastic to two times the width of the bamboo mat. Feed the elastic between two bamboo sticks from the underside of the mat next to the makeup brush closest to one edge. Pull the elastic until there there is about a 2-inch "tail" underneath the mat. Feed the top end of the elastic back between the two bamboo sticks closest to the opposite side of the closest makeup brush. Pull it all the way through and tighten so that it fits snugly around the first makeup brush. Feed the elastic back up from the bottom between the two bamboo sticks closest to the next makeup brush. Feed it back through on the opposite side of the brush and pull until it is tight around the brush. Continue weaving the elastic through the mat in this manner until each brush is secured to the mat and the entire mat has been covered. End with the elastic on the underside of the mat.

Cut off the excess elastic so that about 2 inches of elastic is left on this end as well. Flip the bamboo mat over, and tie each end of the elastic into a simple knot as close to the bamboo as possible so that it stays in position.

Roll up the mat so that the brushes are on the inside. Put a pencil mark on the row on the outside of the roll where the edge meets the back. This is where you will create the elastic tie for the mat.

Cut another piece of elastic two times the width of the mat for the tie. Turn the mat over, and feed the elastic through the pencil-marked bamboo row and back through to the outside. Pull the elastic through the bamboo until it is centered with the mat.

Roll up the makeup brushes mat, and tie the elastic on top to complete.