How to Make a Rainbow Centerpiece

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A colorful rainbow centerpiece adds flair and fun to any occasion. Make a rainbow centerpiece to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, a birthday party, showers and wedding receptions. There are many legends, fables and folk tales regarding rainbows in different countries and cultures, such as Ireland's legend about the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Their popularity makes them an ideal choice for a centerpiece. Make a rainbow centerpiece to feature at least four of the seven colors of the rainbow. The colors of the rainbow are, in order, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Flower Rainbows

Use a pencil to mark the bottom of each side of a semicircular piece of craft or floral foam in seven even sections. Draw a half circle from one side to the other to create a pattern of the seven sections of a rainbow. Mark both the front and back of the foam.

Insert the stems of real or silk red rosebuds into the top section of the rainbow, including the top of the foam. Continue with different colored rosebuds for each section until the rainbow is completely filled in. You may use a different flower or a variety of flowers in place of the rosebuds. Alternatively, use handmade tissue or ribbon flowers.

Surround the rainbow with white carnations to give the impression of clouds. Another idea is to create a cloud-like atmosphere using white fluffy fabric or batting. You could also place a smiling sun behind the rainbow.

Pot of Gold

Paint a terracotta pot with blue or black paint. Other types of containers may be used, if desired, such as glass or ceramic pots, watering cans or pails.

Fill the pot with confetti, sand, river rocks, beads or marbles.

Arrange gold pieces on top of the filler. Use gold-painted rocks, pieces of pyrite, gold coins or jewelry.

Line up pipe cleaners according the colors of a rainbow. Twist the ends to secure, and then place each end inside of the pot to form a rainbow handle. Form the pipe cleaners as needed to resemble a rainbow. If a longer rainbow is required, twist several pipe cleaners together. For a thicker rainbow, braid three pipe cleaners together to form each color. Note that the handle is for decorative purposes only and you will not be able to lift the pot with the handle. Carry the pot as you would any other pot that does not include a handle.