How to Make a Puffy Bridal Slip

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Whether your wedding dress is a shapely A-line or a full meringue, a puffy bridal slip can help your gown's hemline stand out. These slips are worn under the gown's lining and work to give wedding dresses their distinctive shape. The slip's volume is created by layers of net crinoline, and this stiff fabric helps add structure to the slip. They also work to flatter the bride, as a wide skirt hem will make the wearer's waist appear smaller.

Measure your waistline and cut a strand of elastic in that length. Add 10 inches to the measurement to act as the waistband's width when it comes time to cut the fabric.

Measure yourself from the waist to the point at which your gown's skirt flares. Record this measurement. For example, a mermaid-style gown will have a very different length than an A-line ball gown. Measure yourself again, this time from the waist to the point at which the gown's hemline falls. Use this measurement along with the measurement from Step 1 to create the dimensions for the slip's lining. Cut your fabric accordingly.

Fold the top of the fabric over the elastic and sew the fabric to itself on its underside. Do not sew through the elastic. Keep the elastic loose inside its casing to allow it to stretch fully.

Pull the elastic taut until the edges of the elastic are in line with the edges of the fabric. Pin the elastic in place and sew a 1-inch seam down the edge of the fabric, keeping right-facing sides together. Turn the tube of fabric right side out.

Cut a strip of the netting 12 inches high and 60 inches wide. Sew the 12-inch edges together to create a tube of fabric and "ease" stitch across the top of the band. Ease stitching is accomplished by sewing with a wide stitch and not knotting the thread at the beginning or end of the seam. Pull the top threads taut to gather the fabric. Pin the gathers in place. Sew over the top to keep the gathers stable.

Sew the gathered fabric to the bridal slip's lining. Sew at the point where the wedding gown's skirt flares, which is represented by the first measurement garnered in Step 2.

Cut five more tiers of fabric, each 10 inches wider than the previous tier. This will make the skirt's hem much wider. Sew and gather each of the fabric tiers and sew them to the slip's lining, working your way down the fabric. This will result in a wide, voluminous slip for you to wear under your wedding dress.